Program of XIV edition of Warsaw International Banking Summit

DAY I – 4th October 2017, Warsaw


9:00 – 9:15 Formal opening of the Congress

9:15 – 9:45 Guest of honor speech

Paweł Gruza, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Finance

9:45 – 11:15 Thematic block

9:45 – 9:55 Presentation

Krzysztof Korus, attorney at law, Partner, dLK Korus, Okoń Radcowie Prawni

9:55 – 11:15 Panel Discussion

PSD2 impact on Polish financial sector. Revolution in banks – fintech relations, or is it something more…?

  • Polish Banks = fintechs? Does technological advance of Polish banks will last?
  • Possible ways of creating credibility for fintech in the eyes of customer.
  • Fintech and Insurance companies – „marriage of convenience”?
  • Cooperation between fintechs as an answer for restriction in digital insurance groups implementation?
  • PSD2 and new dynamic in digital customer experience fight (customer experience, CX).
  • How conservative by nature insurance companies will cope with the challenges of the digital world?
  • Vision of the future – virtual products traded through virtual channels? Will there still be a room for the person in the digital CX world?
  • Fintech, big tech, insurers…? Who will join the fight over banking CX?

Mariusz Grendowicz, Chairman of the Banking Forum Advisory Board

Adam Uszpolewicz, President of the Management Board, Aviva
Wojciech Sass, President of the Management Board, Nationale-Nederlanden
Sławomir S. Sikora, President of the Management Board, Bank City Handlowy
Krzysztof Korus, Attorney at law, Partner, dLK Korus Okoń Radcowie Prawni

11:15 – 12:30 Thematic block

11:15 – 11:25 Presentation: Smart product and price differentiation for banks

Benjamin Wellstein, Managing Director, CEE Banking Dicision, Simon-Kucher & Partners

11:25 – 12:30 Thematic block

The biggest challenges for financial sector in context of reputation building and long-term value for customer.

  • Increasing customer awareness about financial management.
  • How financial institutions support customer financial management?
  • Application for managing personal finances – how financial revolution support customers?
  • How to motivate the customer to increase knowledge?
  • What actions are or can be taken by banks and insurers to manage finances in the future?
  • Pro-customer regulations – opportunity or challenge?
  • Can customer loyalty be influenced by new technology? (applications for smartphones, customer loyalty programs)
  • New methods of customer service (Idea Bank Train, mobile cash machines, multimedia facilities)
  • Trusted profile – what it really is and how will it assist customers?

Jacek Ramotowski, Journalist,

Joao Bras Jorge, President of the Management Board, Bank Millennium
Małgorzata Zaleska, Director of Banking Institute, SGH
Dr. Benjamin Wellstein, Managing Director, CEE Banking Dicision, Simon-Kucher & Partners
Paweł Gąsiorowski, Managing Director of Retail Banking Distribution Department, Bank Pekao
Representative Bank Zachodni WBK

12:30 – 13:15 Coffee break

13:15 – 14:15 Thematic block: Payments

13:15 – 13:25 Presentation:

Maciej Maciejewski, Director Collaboration, Innovation Incubator, Visa

13:25 – 14:15 Discussion: Payments

  • New forms of payment – more attractive, faster, easier?
  • Traditional payment – is it safety or old habit?
  • Prospects of the development of payments
  • How to adjust your offer to continuous payment development?
  • Examples in payment evolution:
    • Neuro-payments
    • Fingerprint payment
    • Smartphone payment
    • Payment through Virtual Reality
    • Biometrics in online payment
    • Smartphone payment (smart housewares)
  • Are the Poles using innovations? What is the image of Poland compared to other countries?

Robert Łaniewski, President of the Management Board, FROB

Barbara Borgieł-Cury, Director, Agile Centre, ING Bank Śląski
Jakub Grzechnik, Head of Digital Channels, PKO Bank Polski
Adrian Kurowski, Director of Visa in Poland
Dr. Benjamin Wellstein, Managing Director, CEE Banking Dicision, Simon-Kucher & Partners
Sylwia Bilska, Vice Chairman of Supervisory Board DotPay & eCard, VP of Polish Chamber of Telecommunication and Technology (PIIT)

14:15 – 15:30 Block: 3 Firechats The biggest challenges on the banking sector

  • Increase in interest rates – where did it come from and what can it cause to the sector?
  • Frans credit problem – challenges facing bank sector connected with frans credit
  • Channels to reach new customer groups with new products. Building trust and relationships
  • How to provide security to data and transactions?
  • Sector influence at challenges and burden for customers – in which way can banks handle this?
  • MREL (Minimum Requirement for own funds and Eligible Liabilities)

Dariusz Kucharski, Member of the Management Board, HSBC Bank
Wojciech Rybak, Member of the Management Board, Bank Millennium
Katarzyna Zajdel-Kurowska, Member of the Management Board, Narodowy Bank Polski

15:30 – 16:30 Lunch

16:30 End of I Day

Day II – 5th October 2017 , Warsaw


9:00 – 9:15 Beginning of the II day

9:15 – 10:15 Thematic block: Technological building of customer relationships. Evolution of banking products in Poland as an answer for customer needs.

  • How to increase trust and take care of bank customers using data analysis and customer behavior analysis (cognitive analytics)
  • Customized offers for customers and current profiles in bank system
  • Operational CRM paradigm shift – how to increase customer loyalty by providing the right product at the right time?
  • In what way can loyalty programs can influence customer preferences? Banks and e-Commerce cooperation.
  • Innovation in payments and better finance management
  • The most interesting innovations in online payment field (Visa, Mastercard, PayU, Blue Media, Android Pay, Apple Pay)
  • Whether fintech products competitiveness is a threat or a chance for development and cooperation between the banking and fintech sectors?

Daniel Arak, Board Member, Co-Founder, ITMAGINATION

Sylwia Bilska, Vice Chairman of Supervisory Board DotPay & eCard, VP of Polish Chamber of Telecommunication and Technology (PIIT)
Michał Koroszeń, Retail Customers Head, PKO Bank Polski
Bartłomiej Nocoń, Managing Director of the Electronic Banking Department, Pekao
Piotr Marciniak, Managing Director, Digital and Mobile, BGŻ BNP Paribas
Mirosław Skiba, Vice-president of the Management Board, BZ WBK

10:15 – 11:30 Thematic block: AI in banking

  • Grounds for using solutions – customers, expectations, dynamic development of technology
  • How to use Artificial Intelligence in banking?
  • Examples of practical use
  • Customer experience vs. Artificial Intelligence
  • AI and security
  • Data Driven Systems
  • Customer engagement

Tomasz Motyl, Chief Innovation Officer, Alior Bank
Wawrzyniec Hyska, Director of Financal Sector, e-point
Marcin Kotarba, Department Director – Strategy, Business Development, Analytics and Customer Dialog, Deutsche Bank Polska

11:30 – 12:00 Coffee break

12:00 – 13:15 Thematic block:
Technology in banking – challenges and opportunities

  • Innovation in banking are associated to technology – is IT a trend and it is future of banking?
  • Expansion of Polish technological thinking – Polish banks are leaders in banking innovation, what to do to maintain this advantage?
  • The use of electronic channels reduces costs, but makes it difficult to build relationships with customers and personalize the offer. Solutions in the field of artificial intelligence are supposed to solve this problem. How will we serve our customers in 5-10 years?
  • The use and development of technology vs cybersecurity
  • What is customer’s awareness in the context of cybersecurity and what can we do to improve it?
  • Does the customer have a chance to effectively avoid cyberthreats – what else can banks do to avoid them?
  • Blockchain – technology with the chance to solve the problem of durable media.

Łukasz Piechowiak, Editor in Chief,

Roman Szwed, President of the Management Board, Atende
Wawrzyniec Hyska, Director of Financal Sector, e-point

13:15 – 14:30 Thematic block:
How will the regulation of GDPR (RODO) affect financial institutions?

  • GDPR – one or many regulations? In which way will interpretation doubts be resolved among individual European countries?
  • Whether regulatory changes will influence cooperation between European Union banks?
  • Whether the customer, who will gain never before seen subjectivity to manage his own personal data, will have to learn how to use it?
  • Will the GDPR law concerning personal data transfer increase competition in between financial institutions? Will methods of payment autentication change?
  • How to adjust information systems to GDPR legislation? Whether the resulting cost from it won’t cause service cost increase?
  • Whether the results of the GDPR automatic decision making ban will ruin effectiveness that is carrying new technologies?
  • What consequences will be applied by not adjusting to new regulations?
  • Challenges for Investments business, banks and companies that provide us with new technology in relation to MIFID II

Krzysztof Kalicki, President of the Management Board, Deutsche Bank Polska
Agnieszka Wieczorek-Nowak, Director of Legal & Compliance department, Aviva
Konrad Hoszowski, Technical Account Manager, Ab Initio
Leszek Maśniak, Chief Data Officer, Ministerstwo Cyfryzacji
Anna Kapica, Legal Counsel, BZ WBK

14:30 – 15:30 Lunch

15:30End of the II Day

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