Modern debt collection in banking sector– market trends

2nd edition

23rd October 2014, the Westin Hotel, Warsaw

On 23rd of October, during 2nd day of the Banking and Insurance Leaders Meeting, 2nd edition of Modern Debt Collection will be held. The topic of the current is “Modern debt collection – present market trends”. Similarly to the last edition, Raczkowski&Kwieciński Advocates Partnership is a partner of the meeting.

This edition of Modern Debt Collection will be devoted to two subjects:

  1. execution of real estate
  2. Vindication of claims against debtor’s intestates

Eexecution of real estate is thought to be one of the most multi-layered procedures of enforcement of payments. Even though it is a long-lasting and expensive process, it becomes widely used in order to recover debts.

During the event, we will discuss practical aspects of execution of real estate, beginning with institution of pre-litigation debt collection, through take-over of real estate by a bank after ineffective auction, until sale of the estate on a free market. We will show examples, which will help to enhance knowledge of those, who are engaged in execution in real estate.
We will also discuss issues concerning claims of compensation from debtor’s heir.

This procedure can be highly effective, when the right modus operandi is used.

The aim of the meeting is to present how obligee should act in order to recover from intestates. Detailed agenda of the program will be available soon.

Conference Modern Debt Collection is going to be held as a part of the Banking and Insurance Leaders Meeting, which is composed of 8th edition of Banking Forum and 4th edition of Insurance Forum. The meeting will gather full representation of banking and insurance sectors, i.a. CEO’s and members of the boards of banks and insurance companies, public administration, companies providing services for the sector, including debt collection services.