The 9th Insurance Forum is a prestigious meeting of insurance sector leaders, a place for the exchange of knowledge and experience, a place for a discussion about the future of the insurance market. It is an event not only for insurance specialists but also for those who are interested in what is happening and what can happen in the future in the financial services industry. Eight editions so far have made the Forum a significant event to be marked in the calendar of the most important events for the key figures in the sector and is the perfect time to further discuss the most significant issues, problems, opportunities and challenges the insurance industry faces.

The adequacy, materiality and significance of issues tackled are guaranteed and monitored by the Advisory Board under the chairmanship of Mr. Artur Olech. The conference is a place for discussion, the integration of the insurance environment, but also for the exchange of best practices and the development of solutions to contemporary challenges. The issues addressed during the event concern the most crucial changes in the market, the analysis of trends and the establishment of new business models.

Every time this event is held, it attracts many people, i.a. the key representatives of the market, the regulator, the financial spokesperson and various chambers. Problems and topics vital to the combined markets of banking and insurance are addressed as well. The participation of the most prominent figures in the industry, administration and science allows for a holistic presentation and perception of the insurance market.

The project is carried out simultaneously with the 13th Banking Forum, as part of the fall edition of the Meeting of the 2017 Banking and Insurance Leaders. Those two events cover all of the most important challenges faced by the financial sector. The most important people in the aforesaid industries will be there as well.

The last edition in numbers:


Advisory Board
Insurance Forum

Franz Fuchs
President of the Supervisory Board, Vienna Insurance Group in Poland
Adam Uszpolewicz
President of the Management Board, Aviva
Andrzej Jarczyk
President of the Management Board, Uniqa
Paweł Ziemba
President of the Management Board, Skandia
Łukasz Kalinowski
President of the Management Board and General Director, Metlife
Sławomir Łopalewski
President of the Management Board, PKO Ubezpieczenia
Wojciech Sass
President of the Management Board, Nationale-Nederlanden
Agnieszka Wrońska
President of the Management Board, Link4

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