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mBank has been synonymous with innovative solutions in banking for years.
He created the most innovative electronic banking platform in Poland, recognized with
prestigious international awards. It is one of the strongest and fastest growing financial
brands in Poland.

It introduces technologically advanced solutions, convenient mobile and digital services that
often set the direction for banking development, and also cooperates with startups. mBank
introduced behavioral biometrics for online card payments. In 2022, it improved its
application (including payment for parking lots).
It consistently implements its sustainable development and social responsibility (ESG) goals,
which are part of its business strategy. In 2022, it introduced new “green” banking services,
such as our eco-mortgage loan.
mBank offers the opportunity to set up a company via electronic banking, without the need to
have an account.

ING Bank Śląski

ING maintains resistance to unpredictable events and shocks, while maintaining stability and
high quality of services. An element of the bank’s stability is the strategy we have built
around the needs of customers, supporting them when making important life decisions.
These are the goals we focus on regardless of market conditions. This requires us to be
particularly flexible and committed by all employees. Our long-term strategy is confirmed by
the increase in the number of customers and commercial balances achieved last year. At the
end of December 2022, the number of retail customers increased to nearly 4.38 million, and
in corporate banking to 533,000. companies. We also increased the value of loans by 7% to
PLN 156.4 billion and deposits by 12% to PLN 189.2 billion. At the same time, we
strengthened our share in the corporate segment loans market to 13.15% and in the
individual loans market to 9.02%. In turn, the share in the deposit market increased to
11.00% in the case of corporate clients and 10.16% in the retail part. As a result, in 2022 we
achieved a consolidated net profit of PLN 1,714.4 million compared to PLN 2,308.3 million in
the previous year. The decline in profit is mainly due to the impact on the bank’s income due
to the moratorium on the repayment of mortgage loans, which occurred in the third quarter of
last year.

In 2022, we continued the implementation of long-term projects related to the replacement of
infrastructure and changes in the architecture of IT systems and banking applications, which
are important for the bank’s development. At the same time, we effectively encouraged
customers to use digital solutions. In retail banking, we recorded a further increase in the
number of transactions and sales in digital channels. The higher number of remote
operations was accompanied, in line with our strategy, by lower customer activity in bank
branches. This is a trend we have been observing for many years. We also observed an
increase in the number of transactions in remote channels in corporate banking. We have
also increased the number of online stores with an active imoje payment gateway and the
number of installed payment terminals.
Social issues are always at the center of ING’s attention. In 2022, Russia’s aggression
against Ukraine triggered a huge wave of aid to our neighbors. From the first days of the
war, ING Bank Śląski and the ING Kids Foundation have been involved in various activities
for Ukraine. We support charities and provide assistance to refugees in Poland.
In 2022, we implemented a new ESG Strategy for 2022-2024. Conducting business in a
responsible and sustainable manner is the basis of our business. ESG goals are also
integrated with our business strategy and result from the mission of our bank and the values
that guide us. We have also consistently implemented the provisions of the Ecological
Declaration, which assumes the bank’s active participation in climate action, including: by
financing investments supporting clients’ environmental transformation. Promoting positive
change always starts with ourselves. We have been taking pro-ecological activities in our
own operations for many years, including: reducing energy and water consumption. The ING
Grant Program, supporting start-ups and young scientists working for sustainable
development, was very positively received by our stakeholders. In 2022, during the first two
editions of the program, we donated PLN 2 million for this purpose. Our commitment to
sustainable development has been appreciated by the market. We were the first company in
Poland to obtain an ESG rating awarded by the Sustainable Fitch rating agency. We also
became the leader of the Responsible Companies Ranking and were among the winners of
the ESG Leaders competition.

Santander Bank Polska S.A. – the fastest banking website on the Polish Internet – 300% faster loading of
main product pages.
Last year, Santander Bank Polska SA. in cooperation with e-point SA., implemented a
multi-stage strategy by developing the website He created modern
technological resources, stable systems and a frontend optimized for the latest market

Meaning that:
-in September 2022, the website took first place in the ranking of the fastest
loading websites of Polish banks,
– main product pages load 250-300% faster,
– the carbon footprint produced by a single page view of the portal decreased by 75%,
-conversion on selected websites has consistently increased by approximately 10%.
Results for 3G Fast mobile traffic:
-reduction of LCP (Largest Contentful Paint) rendering time by 65%,
-reduction of the sum of long tasks (TBT) (Total Blocking Time) by 18%,
-reduction of the time needed to render the first elements on the page by 46%,
-reducing the Speed Index, obtaining a dynamic and stable rendering process of the Above
The Fold space by 43%,
reducing the overall size of downloaded files on the website by approximately -50%.
Additionally, the Good Quality URL share results have improved significantly:
– from 19.2% to 50.9% – increase in URL addresses assessed by Google as “good quality”
for mobile traffic,
– from 89.9% to 94.3% – increase in URLs rated by Google as “good quality” for desktop



Alior Bank

Technology investments are one of the key elements of Alior Bank’s operations. In 2022, we
implemented many innovative solutions in various areas, the key ones are: Alior Pay. We
were the first banking institution in Poland to implement a service enabling deferment and
then dividing payments into installments – in stationary and online stores or transfers from an
account at Alior Bank.

Service management is available from the mobile application. The first customers can use
Alior Pay from December 2022. Access to the service is systematically expanded. At the turn
of 2023, it will be made available to all Alior Bank customers. Despite the limited group of
people having access to Alior Pay, it enjoys great interest and has excellent prospects for
the future. Ultimately, it will be expanded to the entire ecosystem of services available via
Alior Mobile. My Bills. A service that allows you to aggregate all invoices in one place and
pay them collectively with one click. The tool notifies you of new invoices and reminds you of
upcoming payment deadlines. It facilitates both the payment of invoices and the control of
deadlines and amounts, which translates into effective management of the household
budget. The service is the most comprehensive function on the EBPP (Electronic Bill
Payment & Presentment) market and the first that provides the ability to receive and pay all
invoices in electronic banking. The service was created in cooperation with Billtech
(participant of the Alior RBL_START program). After just three months of operation, the
number of invoices downloaded to “Moje Rachunku” exceeded 100,000.
InfoNina. A platform combining AI solutions in the field of conversation analytics with a
voicebot that automatically responds to customer inquiries. In 2022, new functionalities were
implemented in the project, ensuring even more effective, multi-channel and automated
service. We were the first in the financial sector to implement multi-intent query support.
InfoNina can
serve clients who raised several different issues in one statement (e.g. “I want to take out a
loan and ask what deposits you have”). Thanks to the regular development of the project, in
2022 we achieved a 40% call automation rate on the hotline. The bot recognizes over 650
customer intentions. As a result, the average service time has been shortened by 15%, and
as many as 90% of inquiries are immediately sent to the appropriate information process or
iAccount Business. Service for entrepreneurs running a sole proprietorship. It allows you to
open an account in just 2 minutes. This is another initiative of Alior Bank, thanks to which
business customers can open a business account quickly, simply and remotely. The bank
does not charge fees for opening and maintaining iKonto Biznes.

Crédit Agricole

Automation of post-sales customer service – the aim of the project was to automate the
process of handling complaints, applications, claims and others. The project was conducted
with the aim of maximizing business values, and not just the desire to achieve savings in the

The project used Deviniti’s ROC3 solution, which implements intelligence, including NLP
natural language processing, NLG natural language generation and machine learning
algorithms. The solution fits into the hyper-automation strategy due to the scope of support
for post-sales processes by artificial intelligence and the inclusion of innovative technologies
in the field of AI/ML, low-code/no-code programming and automation (RPA) to support these
The system provides comprehensive support in the process of post-sale communication with
the customer. This process includes activities from the moment the customer’s
correspondence is received to generating a response or automatically fulfilling the
customer’s request.
The ROC3 system consists of three modules: The extractor extracts text and information
from client letters, then structures them and identifies key data related to the case. This
process uses NLP and text recognition (Optical Character Recognition, OCR) technologies.
The classifier evaluates cases in three different categories, i.e. priority, thematic category
and intention. On this basis, the case is automatically assigned to the appropriate team or
RPA robot.
The generator supports the employee in preparing a response to the customer. The
employee uses paragraphs prepared by the system (application in the form of a collaborative
robot – cobot, AI Writing Assitant – AWA), based on historical correspondence on similar
matters. The system ensures the correctness of the answers (construction, spelling, style)
and the completeness of the information.
The use of ROC3 allowed us to shorten the time needed to resolve matters, improve the
consistency and accuracy of communication, and increase customer satisfaction with the
service they received.

ING Bank Śląski

ING is at the forefront of banks in terms of innovative solutions provided to customers. It is,
among others, one of the banks that provide the most different Blik functions, provides
customers with access to a wide range of VAS (additional services, e.g. the ability to pay for
parking or buy public transport tickets in the bank’s app), it also allows the use of a large
number of so-called “pays”, i.e. integration of, among others, Google Pay, Apple Pay or
Garmin Pay.

An interesting solution that ING was the first bank to introduce to its offer is an application
terminal. An application that allows you to accept payments using any Android device with
an NFC reader. Thanks to it, you can accept payments, e.g. using your own smartphone. For
this purpose, the bank uses the solution of the Polish fintech



The growing number of ransomware attacks in the financial services sector shows that
adversaries have become much more capable of conducting large-scale attacks, including:
by effectively implementing the ransomware-as-a-service model.

This has forced almost all organizations in the financial services sector to make changes to
their cybersecurity.
Mbank implemented a project to build a “Digital Bunker” limiting the potential effects of a
ransomware attack by relying on a solid and innovative solution from the market leader,
Veritas, and the partner company Comtegra.


VeloBank, as a new entity on the market, used its innovation to carry out a rebranding
process in five weeks, which included, among others: legal, operational and IT changes, new
visual identification and the related rebranding of bank branches and headquarters.

The rebranding of VeloBank began with identifying the tasks to be performed and the places
where the bank’s name or logo was presented. From an organizational perspective, activities
were carried out in an agile project formula with a work schedule updated daily. Cooperation
between business, IT and marketing played a key role. The changes concerned, among
others: documents, addresses and content on websites, corporate mail, online and mobile
banking, banking systems and branches. The process required cooperation with a number of
partners who had to update the data (including Google, Apple, Huawei, PayU and Blue
Media). A new, complete visual identification, solutions for every possibility and a precise
internal and external communication process were also developed. At the same time,
processes were carried out related to the new method of customer onboarding via the
mObywatel application and the implementation of a new product – VeloKonto.
Customers saw the new version of VeloBank on November 21, 2022. The rebranding took
place on time, without technical problems, and 1 million customers were well informed.
Communication chaos, outflow of customers scared by the “bank change” and negative
media publications were avoided. The challenge was even greater because only some
customers moved to the new institution, others stayed at Getin Bank, but they had to have
ongoing access to information. Before the new logo was officially presented, during the
implementation of the project, the name of the bank in the documents was changed twice –
on the weekend after the resolution was announced, from Getin Bank to Bank BFG, and
then from Bank BFG to VeloBank. The great migration was a great challenge, but also a
great success for the bank’s employees.



VeloBank, through its values, products and quality of service, creates banking tailored to the
modern customer. By implementing a new approach, he invited us to a “More Velo World”,
where good choices pay off, banking brings benefits and at the same time helps us think
calmly about both everyday life and the future.

The bank’s philosophy is also supported by real activities and products. During the
rebranding, the bank took care to communicate with customers and prepare them for
changes. Thanks to the team’s hard work, the process was extremely successful and
efficient. The first product in the new offer was VeloKonto, a current account that, for the
convenience of customers, could be opened using the mObywatel application. VeloBank
also focused on strong customer support in saving, offering an attractive offer of Flexible
Savings Account or VeloSkarbonka for a personal account, which allows you to save small
sums for everyday purchases. It also launched a unique service – VeloKomfort, which helps
spread gas payments into equal installments throughout the year from the largest gas
supplier in Poland. Thanks to this free solution, the bank’s customers do not have to worry
about seasonal fluctuations in invoices and can balance their home budget more easily.
Additionally, to make using VeloBank even more pleasant for customers, the bank has
started work on refreshing online and mobile banking.
In a short time, VeloBank has distinguished itself in the eyes of consumers as a bank that is
close to their values and everyday life, with which it is worth building lasting relationships.

ING Bank Śląski

ING Bank Śląski is the leader in the satisfaction ranking of individual bank customers. The
bank’s goal is to support and inspire people to be one step ahead in life and business.

Customer Experience is one of the key elements of the bank’s operations. We know how
important well-designed digital processes are that enable us to fully interact with our
customers. Simplifying and digitizing processes allow us to better understand their needs,
and technology makes it easier to personalize their service.
ING wants to encourage Poles to think and talk about their financial future and life in
retirement. For this purpose, it uses the latest technology – image creation algorithms by
Artificial Intelligence (AI). As part of the “Me in the future. Powered by AI & ING” the bank
helps Poles visualize their future and thus inspires them to think about it.
And it also ensures customer safety by offering additional security measures in the “Security
Zone” in the application.


The bank systematically simplifies its services and products to make banking easy. For a
company account, it offers a package of e-services useful in managing the company. These
include financial services: eAccounting, eFactoring, eDebt Collection and eWadia. You can
also take advantage of a special offer of commission-free purchases in the eLeasing service
and access to private medical packages in the services

The customer-centric approach most accurately defines the business model and strategy of
our bank and the entire Santander Group. Santander Bank Polska is a signatory and one of
the initiators of the Responsible Sales Declaration.


Cash Director

Already 5 leading banks in Poland offer their business clients the (micro) CashDirector
solution, or online accounting integrated with the banking offer, which combines a number of
benefits for both entrepreneurs and the banks themselves.

Digital platform, mobile application and support from accounting experts in one
technologically advanced solution. 100% paperless and available 24/7 from anywhere,
offered in a unique and proven partner-label model.
By using the CashDirector website combined with electronic banking, an entrepreneur
makes business management easier: he or she obtains current information on the
company’s financial situation, easily controls inflows and outgoings, has the option of
conducting accounting independently or outsourcing it to a professional accountant who has
excellent knowledge of the client’s industry.
The client also gains significant time savings, mainly by automating everyday financial
administration and combining functionalities, e.g. issuing an invoice using a personalized
template and sending it by e-mail to the contractor, followed by monitoring, automatic
settlement of the received payment in the bank with the invoice, and posting and settling
taxes. Similarly with costs that can be registered, automatically settled and, in some banks,
even initiated payment from the platform!
CashDirector as a Value Added Service provider is also a stable partner for banks,
increasing their acquisition potential and customer loyalty as well as more effective
monetization of current relationships through the so-called contact points. CashDirector also
supports new bank clients in starting their businesses through accounting consultations
provided in the CEIDG registration process.
Work in the system is based on tasks that facilitate running a business, thanks to which the
CashDirector platform is perceived as a comprehensive business support tool, while also
helping with independent accounting or cooperation with an accountant.
We enjoy the trust of banks and customers – the software is used by nearly 200,000 users,
and accounting services provided to bank customers are highly rated (NPS 69; Google
rating 4.6 out of 5).


From customer service, through banking operations to finance and HR, banks widely use the
UiPath platform to support employees and carry out repetitive activities. The largest banks in
Poland have included the use of automation using robots in their strategy, which is why they
engage and train large teams to develop it.

2022 brought a special challenge for large banks: the so-called credit holidays. The largest
banks in Poland used UiPath robots to meet the huge unexpected demand for employees to
process a huge number of repayment suspension applications. Thanks to the UiPath
platform, banks were able to build an automatic process for handling applications in a few
weeks and be on time in a situation where the final regulations on credit holidays stabilized
only a week before they entered into force. Without UiPath robots, this task would not be
possible because it would require the employment and training of several hundred people.


Deviniti has created an innovative ROC3 system (Robotization of Company-Customer
Communication), which, using artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP),
natural language generation (NLG) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, automates
processes related to communication between organization and customers. It is perfect for
regulated organizations such as banks and insurance institutions.

ROC3 extracts text and information from client letters, structures them and identifies key
case-related data using NLP and text recognition (OCR). It automatically assigns the case to
categories indicating its type and topic, as well as intentions and their type. It analyzes the
client’s emotions and intentions and detects the actual author of the letter (reads “between
the lines”). Based on historical correspondence, it helps create a response to the client,
ensuring the correctness of the response and completeness of information (AI Writing
In 2022, ROC3 was implemented by Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A. The goal was to
automate the post-sales customer service process (complaints, applications, claims and
other notifications from customers).
As a result, the bank observed the following benefits:
– 756 hours per month saved for other tasks,
– document processing time shortened by 50%,
– documents were automatically classified with an accuracy of 86-95%.
The ROC3 solution is innovative due to the scope of support, covering the entire post-sales
process (from receiving customer correspondence to generating a response or automatically
fulfilling the customer’s request). It fits into the hyperautomation strategy – one of the most
important technological trends in digital transformation. It is focused on maximizing business
value, not just reducing costs. It enables cooperation between humans and cobots
(collaborative robots), fitting the idea of super teams (collaborative intelligence).


Lenovo is a leading leader in the implementation of intelligent technology solutions in the
banking sector based on state-of-the-art hardware and proprietary software. Over the last
year, we have completed over a dozen projects combining the most efficient equipment for
banking sector employees with customized software for managing a fleet of devices in a
banking organization.

Tide Software

Number rotation service from Tide Software – allows banks to present themselves with
different GSM and landline telephone numbers in an automated way with the ability to create
many scenarios. Thanks to this, banks increase the chance of reaching a recipient who does
not answer their calls

What distinguishes Tide Software’s numbering rotation:
At Tide Software, the numbers from the rotation pool differ by as much as the first 5 digits!
Thanks to this, they do not evoke associations with one bank. Rotating GSM and landline
numbers with different prefixes allows you to increase the efficiency of the entire call center
by up to 30 percentage points.
We make it possible to adjust the numbering to the geographical zone, i.e. the prefix should
be appropriate to the recipient’s place of residence or vice versa – assigned to another
region. In the case of international communication, we also offer foreign numbering.
We monitor contaminated numbering automatically! If a telephone number from the rotation
pool appears on the lists of contaminated numbers available on the Internet, the customer
receives an alert and the number is replaced with a new one – one that is extremely different
from the previous one. This allows you to constantly improve the efficiency of call center
operations and save time and money.
Tide Software provides as many as 19 different numbering rotation scenarios. Numbers can
be dialed sequentially, randomly, with or without history. The rotation service will
independently adjust the appropriate type of rotation so that the call rate is as high as
possible, while maintaining the least human involvement.
It is also worth emphasizing the security of our solutions, which guarantee operational
continuity. Customers using Tide Software services can count on our know-how and 24/7
Our solutions are used by 6 out of 10 largest banks and 8 out of 10 largest debt collection
companies in Poland.


2022 was the first full financial year in which banks used the KUKE offer as part of the
Export Support System (the direct beneficiary is the bank, and ultimately the
customer-exporter benefits from it). These solutions allow banks to reduce capital
requirements by reducing or completely eliminating the provision for lending to exporters,
which in today’s market conditions (including record provisions for loan portfolios in CHF) is
important for both banks and customers (not ” consumes” credit limits).

The most popular of these instruments included: payment guarantees, investment
guarantees and insurance for financing foreign expansion (including investments of listed
companies: Boryszew in Mexico, Sunex in Austria).
The value of such financing granted by Polish banks covered by KUKE protection is PLN 7.3
billion in 2023 (we are not talking about insuring short-term trade receivables in the amount
of approximately PLN 42 billion). It is worth emphasizing that only a few KUKE counterparts
in Europe provide such a wide range of solutions for their exporters, and the entire Export
Support System includes over 20 different solutions.


OpenText – provider of Customer Lifecycle Information Management for Financial Services
Financial services customers expect trustworthy, situationally appropriate and personalized
experiences. To remain competitive, financial institutions must provide highly consistent,
seamless interactions across multiple touchpoints. However, because information is stored
in different systems, they have limited visibility into the customer lifecycle, which results in
errors and delays in service.

Customer Lifecycle Information Management for Financial Services consolidates all
information into a single customer view and streamlines data management to increase
engagement and improve service across all channels.
Key benefits:
Optimizing customer information and adapting to changing expectations
Consistent and engaging customer experiences throughout the customer lifecycle to drive
loyalty and nurture lasting relationships
Connected user data management processes across the enterprise enable secure
collaboration and access to information, and increase work productivity from anywhere
Ensuring all employees have access to the most up-to-date and relevant content across
critical business systems from a single source of customer information
Instantly updates customer information for operational purposes, maintaining customer
privacy, adhering to information governance policies and ensuring compliance.


Comarch’s history on the online banking market dates back to the early 1990s, when the
company successfully digitized initially the Polish online banking market, and then
subsequent markets in Europe, Africa and Asia.

The projects at that time consisted primarily of transferring subsequent financial processes
to the digital world and optimizing them. It was important to digitize as much operational
work as possible, while achieving savings in many areas.
Comarch’s extensive customer portfolio allows for an in-depth analysis of the latest trends in
banking solutions. Close cooperation with financial institutions and accompanying them at
many stages of digitization enabled the creation and implementation of a fully cloud native
banking ecosystem designed in a microservices architecture.
Experience has shown that system replacement projects, often carried out using the
waterfall method, are extremely difficult, risky and time-consuming. Additionally,
unfortunately, they often do not end with the intended effect or are simply late. Financial
institutions working on large, outdated monolithic systems find it difficult to keep up with
dynamic changes in the market and thus compete with fintechs.
Close cooperation, mutual support and involvement in the R&D process of the long-term
partner BNP Paribas allowed us to develop a solution based on the architecture of
microservices open to communication with each other via RESTapi interfaces. The solution
is equipped with CI/CD processes that enable safe software development and the provision
of new values on a continuous, flexible basis.
The result of the cooperation is not only a full ecosystem for SME banking with numerous
modules, but also a stable foundation – a platform that allows for further, rapid development
of the services offered by the bank. Moreover, the platform, thanks to well-built APIs made
available to the world, allows cooperation with fintechs, which gives the opportunity to
expand the offer and increase the bank’s competitiveness. The solutions implemented in the
latest technology put BNP Paribas on par with the leaders in the innovation of banking



A record year in 2022 and the development of all market segments – plus strong
development of life insurance sales through multi-agents.

Colonnade Insurance S.A.

For record sales growth, with great emphasis on people and partners. We were the first to
implement a remote work model with subsidized utilities for employees, training for brokers
and agents, and much more.


Creation of one of the best export support systems in the EU, providing not only the
opportunity to obtain financing for projects implemented abroad, such as new investments,
expansion of existing ones, acquisitions and activations, as well as the possibility of
obtaining financing for investment projects in Poland and current financing, delivery of goods
or obtaining payment guarantees. As the only export support agency in the EU and one of
the few, if not the only one in the world, it insured trade with Ukraine in 2022 and now –
possible thanks to a different approach to contractor risk evaluation than before.


The company deserves recognition for introducing the modular Ochrona Jutra life insurance,
which offers a maximum age of entry into insurance of up to 70 years and a set of additional
contracts, including treatment abroad with a remote medical consultation, which is a unique
option not available from other insurers.

STU ERGO Hestia S.A.

The first insurance company in Poland to successfully implement an internal model for
calculating capital requirements, significantly improving its solvency position.


Wiener TU S.A. Vienna Insurance Group

The company deserves recognition for the educational campaign “You will appreciate it
when you quote”, which in an accessible way shows the insured the need to update the sum
insured. Wiener shows that it cares about its customers and wants them to be aware of the
benefits of properly selected insurance.


Link4 changed the company’s model from direct to comprehensive. Nomination for
systematically introducing pro-customer solutions that help people and increase their safety.


Currently, it is the company with the best opinions among employees on the market. He
devotes a lot of attention to the professional exclusive network that builds the exclusive
agent’s work ethos.



For transferring many operations to the cloud and introducing the agile management
methodology, which contributed to streamlining processes and improving the quality of


PZU is one of the insurers most dynamically operating in the insurtech area and with the
widest spectrum of technological projects. It provides its clients with, among others:
MojePZU portal and application, through which you can buy, manage and settle insurance


Dynamic entry into the Polish market in a multi-element model – cooperation in the
co-investment model with Unilink, own insurance, plus UNEXT as an actuarial and claims
operator, but also a back-office operator.

Europa Ubezpieczenia

Europa is an insurer operating mainly in the B2B2C model, i.e. selling through partners.
However, it is characterized by flexibility and technological preparation, which allows it to
efficiently cooperate with other partners, as well as conduct interesting own projects. Within
the Talanx group, the company was selected to create a platform for selling insurance in the
embedded insurance model, which will soon make its debut



Through a daily updated database, Comadso provides an extensive knowledge base
regarding scope differences between individual insurance products in the area of individual
insurance. It helps advisors redirect the client’s attention from the price to the quality of
insurance, which translates both into the financial results of the insurance company and,
above all, into greater safety of the end customer by protecting aspects of the life situation
that are important in each individual case.

The implementation of our tool in the daily work of the Punkta network and the PZU
insurance company is already helping to gradually change the insurance awareness of
insured people.
Moreover, as a SaaS solution, Comadso fits perfectly into the general trend discussed at
many Polish insurance events, which is digitalization, innovation and, most importantly,


Insly is a technology provider for the insurance industry. The heart of the business is
services for insurance intermediaries: agents, OFWCAs and brokers. There are over 15,000
of them in Insly. They use a subscription-based system to manage sales, service and policy
renewals for all motor insurance companies they have access to, and a CRM to manage
customer relationships and billing.

Insly strives to provide intermediaries with complete support to run their entire business – not
only technology, but also the knowledge and experience of a team of ten people in the most
important compliance and legal issues regarding APK, GDPR or cloud data storage. The
company is also developing cooperation with insurance companies to introduce new
products to the platform – from travel insurance, through other property insurance, to life
insurance, as well as to improve selected processes.
Polish operations accounted for 20 percent. Insly’s global revenues in 2022. Poland is the
fastest growing and largest market where Insly’s activities dedicated to insurance
intermediaries are developing. Last year, insurtech implemented a new version of the
platform based on low-code technology to make it easier for intermediaries to configure
functions to suit their individual needs, e.g. building their own comparison websites for
clients, enable simple and easy integration with other systems and applications of any kind,
and rapid implementation of new products. product and sales initiatives. Each agent in
Poland was also offered a free APK module to conduct a mandatory analysis of customer
needs without the need to purchase a subscription. Insurtech also finalized the merger with
the Polish company Fort, specializing in broadly understood settlements of agency activities.


Unext is an insurtech that offers facilities for selling insurance, implementing products,
servicing customers and intermediaries, and handling claims for insurers who want to start
operations in Poland, as well as for those already present in the country and interested in
outsourcing such services.

Partnership with Unext allows insurers to shorten the time needed to start a business in
Poland, as well as to disperse the risk and costs of starting and running a business. Unext
also combines insurance services with additional products that increase the quality of the
insurance service and customer satisfaction. Unext can boast of introducing to the market,
as well as organizing and servicing all business processes in Poland, an insurer with
German origins, Wefox Insurance, branch in Poland.


e-point CMS

“e-point CMS” is a Polish innovative platform for managing portal content, used by many
financial institutions in Poland, including: ING Bank Śląski, BNP Paribas Bank Polska,
Santander Bank, or PZU SA. In many cases, cooperation can last up to 20 years

The heart of the platform is the “Page Builder” module, which allows for independent
management of the entire solution, e.g. by the marketing or digital department, while
maintaining standards consistent with the institution’s visual identification system. “Page
Builder” is built according to the no-code philosophy. Thus, the solution significantly reduces
the burden on the bank’s internal IT department and allows business departments to focus
on building offers addressed to customers.
Because portals of financial institutions are often highly complex organisms, “e-point CMS”
both supports the construction of large portals and facilitates the creation of many websites
within one installation (multi-site). Thus, it provides significant support for editorial teams in
large organizations, as well as allows the portal to be developed with dedicated functional
By combining these functionalities in one tool, a financial institution can efficiently respond to
changing customer needs by supporting a multi-channel approach, and “e-point CMS”
becomes a central ecosystem for creating and distributing content for large organizations,
with particular emphasis on mobile devices.
It is worth adding that a new and dynamically developed element in the Polish platform is
support for the publication of content in accordance with the accessibility guidelines for
people with disabilities (WCAG 2.1. at AA level). Soon, due to the legal requirements of the
European Union (Directive (EU) 2019/882), this will be a very important criterion when
implementing portals, just as it is currently the case with public institutions that must meet
this obligation in accordance with the regulations of 2019 year.
The platform’s development plans also include integration with AI solutions to facilitate the
work of both “e-point CMS” users, as well as to improve the digital customer experience of a
bank or financial institution


The fund deserves recognition for introducing eSCOR scoring for drivers. eSCOR allows
drivers to check their insurance and claims history and generate a rating
on a scale from 1 to 5. Insurers and entrepreneurs can also use the system.

PKO Leasing Online

“PKO Leasing Online”, developed in cooperation with Altkom Software, is a fully digital,
omni-channel solution for concluding leasing transactions. The platform is intended for
suppliers of items who can add leasing as a form of payment in their store, as well as
entrepreneurs who would like to use financing.

The introduced solution allowed for the automation of the sales process and customer
service in various channels (e-commerce, partner network). The customer decides where to
start the leasing process (in the store/on the website), and where and when it will end the
process. All the entrepreneur needs to do is select a product, complete a short form on the
website or in a stationary store and securely verify his or her identity. A financing decision is
issued in as little as 3 minutes. The process ends with signing a contract using a digital
signature (paperless), and the leased item is delivered by courier or picked up in the store.
Business partners who would like to launch such a financing process for their clients use
dedicated and ready-to-use APIs or use developed plug-ins available, among others, for:
PrestaShop, Magento or WordPress.
The challenge was to build an open microservice architecture that integrates with many
partner and internal systems, meeting security requirements for the financial sector. The
open, low-code Camunda BPM platform was used to automate the processes, which
ensures monitoring of process efficiency and immediate response when the customer
abandons the cart.
The solution allowed for the optimization of operational processes and the reduction of paper
documents, as well as reaching a new group of recipients. From the client’s perspective, the
new process saves time and increases the availability of this form of financing. Based on
research conducted among customers, the process is assessed very well by them.

Digital Fingerprints Platforma Biometrii Behawioralnej BIK

The BIK Behavioral Biometrics Platform, created jointly by BIK and Digital Fingerprints, is a
security system based on a biometric profile of customer behavior that allows the
identification of a fraudster in real time, regardless of the application or device he uses. This
is a solution that brings the security of banking channels of the Polish financial sector to a
higher level and is also unique in the international dimension.

Comarch Open Platform

Comarch has been providing technological solutions for many sectors, including the banking
sector, for 30 years. He accompanied financial institutions during the first digitization of
processes, which were intended to improve and accelerate the process, but also to reduce
costs. The company, being involved in digitalization from the very beginning, had full insight
into the latest trends and direction of development of financial services.

The second wave of digitization has been visible for some time now. Every user of retail or
corporate banking benefits from the digitization of processes, but over time it has been
noticed that users expect more – not only a better UX but a wider range of available
products. This is due to the growing number of fintechs. All this forces financial institutions to
take a new approach to digitization and IT solutions.

CATEGORY 10. Special award in solidarity with Ukraine

Alior Bank

Alior Bank has been involved in humanitarian aid from the first day of Russia’s aggression
against Ukraine. We estimate the aid initiatives undertaken so far at over PLN 25 million.
The activities were divided into three areas

Within the first area, we provided local authorities with 10 commercial premises in seven
voivodeships with a total area of 11.8 thousand square meters. m2. The buildings were
transformed, among others: in public facilities for Ukrainian children and youth.
In Warsaw at ul. Towarowa 25a, we temporarily made our office space available, where the
Alior Bank Help Center was established. It has an area of nearly 4,000 square meters. m2.
The partners of the project include: UNICEF Poland, CARITAS Poland and the Capital City
of Warsaw. Citizens
Ukrainians are provided with psychological, professional and educational support there, as
well as care for minors, remote learning stations and material assistance. 40,000 people
have already benefited from the support here. children and adults. The role of the Help
Center was appreciated not only in Poland, but also abroad. Towarowa 25a hosted, among
others: US Ambassador to the UN, US Ambassador to Poland, Indian UNICEF Goodwill
Ambassador and the First Lady of the Republic of Poland. In turn, Alior Leasing provided
CARITAS Polska with two comfortable, 23-seater buses, a tractor unit and a semi-trailer,
which are currently used to transport people and equipment.
In the second area, we facilitated access to banking services. We translated the website,
mobile application and online banking into Ukrainian. Citizens of this country can open
accounts free of charge in all branches and partner establishments, as well as obtain
documents there, e.g. a Residence Card. The bank does not charge fees for maintaining an
account and payment card for a period of 12 months. Customers are guaranteed a refund of
the commission for transfers to Ukrainian accounts, and entrepreneurs can open a 4×4
business account. The offer addressed to business customers also includes exemption from
fees for transfers made from company accounts to Ukraine.
Alior Bank also supports numerous volunteer initiatives of its employees. Their effect is,
among others, cooperation with the authorities of Przemyśl, thanks to which the hospital in
Mościska in Ukraine received modern medical equipment and support for aid organizations
working for the benefit of Ukrainian citizens.


As the only export support agency in the EU and one of the few, if not the only one in the
world, it insured in 2022. as now, trade with Ukraine – possible thanks to a different approach
to contractor risk evaluation than before.

The company has created a comprehensive program for the reconstruction of Ukraine,
aimed at (1) insuring the receivables of Polish enterprises, ensuring at the same time
maintaining liquidity for Ukrainian contractors, the possibility of issuing export letters of credit
by Polish banks, (2) guaranteeing financing for takeovers and acquisitions for Polish
enterprises in Ukraine, along with ensuring financing for investment projects (greenfield &
brownfield), (3) guaranteeing and financing of investment projects (state, private, both
Ukrainian and foreign) provided that they are implemented by Polish companies, either in the
form of contracting or supply of goods.


Ergo Hestia

In the field of environmental and climate protection, it introduces changes within the
company and its surroundings: it creates insurance products supporting environmental
protection, implements a plan to reduce CO2 emissions resulting from business activities,
and has a responsible investment policy (Responsible Investment Guidelines).

The company promotes cycling to work, group car trips and saving paper and other raw
materials among its employees. It is constantly expanding its fleet of hybrid cars, annually
sponsors an award for the most ecological health resorts in Poland, and is the only insurer
with its own park and apiary.
ERGO Hestia’s activities are not limited only to environmental protection, the company
implements various business processes in the social area.
ERGO Hestia is the only organization from the financial sector in Poland with the prestigious
EMAS (EcoManagement and Audit Scheme) Certificate.
Many people talk about ESG, but at EH it is implemented at every level – it is the only insurer
that gives “green forests” instead of trophies at agent congresses.

Santander Bank Polska

This bank’s ESG report received the highest scores in Global ESG Monitor 2022 among
Polish WIG20 companies. The bank demonstrates commitment to pro-ecological and social
activities, implementing, among others: sustainable development strategy and financing
projects related to renewable energy or improving the quality of life.
It is also a testimony to its long-term sustainable development strategy and commitment to
social goals.


In 2022, it allocated almost PLN 636.5 million to finance new renewable energy installations
(large wind and photovoltaic farms). In addition, it signed new agreements for the issuance
of green and sustainable bonds, and carried out four issues of green bonds for a total
amount of PLN 275 million. Last year, mBank offered SME customers a new photovoltaic
leasing offer and electric car leasing with subsidies from the “My electrician” program.
products with investment funds promoting ESG aspects.

ING Bank Śląski

Sustainability at ING. The ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) area is one of ING’s
priorities. In the first quarter of 2022, we announced the ESG Strategy of the ING Bank
Śląski Capital Group, which is an expression of our sense of responsibility for our impact and
actions towards current and future clients, for the world in which they will operate, and
therefore also for the environment and social environment.

The ESG strategy is an element of our business strategy and results directly from our
mission and the values that guide us. It allows us to set a clear direction of action and the
goals we pursue: for ourselves, customers, society and a sustainable world. The ESG
strategy covers environmental, social and corporate governance aspects over a three-year
period, updated annually. A complementary document to the Strategy is our Ecological
We know that our responsibility is to support diversity and equal opportunities. We are a
signatory of the Diversity Charter. We care about responsibility in the supply chain and
responsible product offering. We finance Renewable Energy Sources (RES), pro-ecological
projects and support and promotion of electromobility. We are developing our product offer to
support our clients in the transformation to a climate-neutral economy.
We cooperate with the community of non-governmental organizations. We are actively
involved in helping Ukraine. We carry out a number of activities for the community through
our corporate foundations (ING Children’s Foundation and ING Polish Art Foundation). In the
ING Grant Program, we support start-ups and young scientists implementing innovative
projects in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals
( We organize round tables that
facilitate the exchange of knowledge between experts from different backgrounds. We are
convinced that the future is our common responsibility.

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